Ratios and Group size

The ratio refers to the number of children per teacher in the   classroom. The City of Idaho Falls has established a point system to determine ratios for classrooms with mixed aged groups. One teacher can have up to 12 points.

Child's Age
0-12 mo
13 - 24 mo
2 -4 yrs
5 yrs and older

Our Belief and Mission

What we believe.

Our mission is to provide families in our community with the benefits of a professional, developmentally appropriate early care and education program.  We desire to give families the opportunity for gaining a better understanding of how children learn and grow.  We desire to be a source for parents, and to provide them with information about resources in our community.  We desire to build families up and support the parents’ efforts.  We desire families to know and feel we love them, respect them, and honor them.

Our mission and vision

The curriculum is designed to match the needs of each child individually.  A lesson is planned and then taught.  The children are observed and assessed through their play and language as to the level of understanding of what was taught.  With that knowledge about each child, we can tailor the curriculum to meet the child's needs.  We incorporate the individual goals from each parent respectfully and align them with the Idaho Early Learning eGuidelines and the CDC Act Early Milestones to work towards kindergarten readiness.  We use the data gathered to choose other goals we can see that your child needs to work on.  The Environmental Rating Scales and Handwriting Without Tears are two pieces of our curriculum. Both are researched based curriculum and are developmentally appropriate for preschool children.

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Classrooms and Curriculum


We believe the parents are the most important and most influential people in a child's life. We believe all young children need love, consistency, structure, and friends, regardless of their abilities. We offer young children the opportunity to develop self-regulation and confidence, social interaction skills, intellectual competence, and important attitudes about themselves as worthy individuals and lifelong learners. We believe this learning best takes place in a safe atmosphere where children are empowered to construct their knowledge through interaction with adults, other children and the environment.  We believe that play is a child’s natural mode of learning.  We believe a child’s interests and “need to know” will motivate growth in his development, his education, and in the curriculum. We believe teacher instruction scaffolds children’s knowledge and can lead to more inquisitive thinking.

The group size is the number of children in a single classroom.  In a very large classroom there may be 36 children and 6 teachers; that would be 42 people in the room with a ratio of 1 teacher to 6 children. Even though the ratio may be low, we believe the group is too large. Our classrooms are small and our group size is small. A group of 8-12 children  with one teacher is beneficial and positively effects your child's learning.