...Since 1998



We believe that no one influences a child more than the parents. We desire to build families up and support the parents’ efforts.  We desire families to know and feel we love them, respect them, and honor them. 

we believe:


  • All young children need love, consistency, structure, and friends

  • Play is a child's natural mode of learning.  Free choice play is important

  • A child’s interests and “need to know” helps motivate growth

We believe a balance between teacher instruction and child initiated activities creates the optimum learning environment. We desire to be a source for parents, and to provide them with information about resources in our community.


First opened in 1998


When we first started, we began with just 2 children as a home childcare.  As parents got to know us they realized we were genuine and loved their kids. We began to grow. 

where we are today


We are a childcare center today, though small. The classrooms are learning centers, the curriculum is top of the line and individualized.  And we are still genuine. We love families and believe in families.